Saturday, March 3, 2007

First cut

Had first lot of feedback from execs. They say it is a strong first cut and heading in the right direction. Made some interesting comments such as the pov has changed from the scripted characters pov, to another characters. This was an interesting note, and we did observe that there was one character who seemed to be telling the story from a more interesting angle, and so went with it. Happy to change it back to the original pov, but if it's not as strong when we do we will have to think again. From sitting in on some of the edit of the last feature my boss made, I learnt that sometimes the rushes dictate the film you make, and not the script.

Got a whole page of other comments. Some I agree with and others I am more than happy to try out. And a few that made me want to deck the wall. Talked to the editor and we agreed that we should go away and think about the comments for a few days, then come back to it and make all our decisions based on what is best for the film.

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